The app Baby Who is Who helps your toddler learn and remember the faces, names and voices of your

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Baby Who is Who is
fun and instructive

6 reasons to download Baby Who is Who

  • It's fun and educational

    Our app will help your child learn the names, faces and voices of all your loved ones in a fun way!

  • Upload as many pics as you want

    In the paid version you can create as many albums and upload as many pics as you want. In the free version you're limited to 1 album and 6 pics.

  • On iPad and iPhone!

    You can download the app for iPhone and iPad. Easy as that!

  • In 5 languages!

    The app is available in 5 languages: English, Dutch, German, French & Spanish.

  • Easy to configure

    The app is very simple: download it, create an album, upload pics and you're ready to go!

  • Free & paid version

    Do you want to test the app before you buy it? Download the free version. Are you satisfied? Then you can buy the paid version for only 0,99 euro..

Baby Who is Who


How it works!

It works!

The idea behind the app

A couple of years ago, we got our daugther: Amelie. Her grandpa and grandma, as well as her uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces and a lot of our friends were living at the other side of the country. Everytime they visited us, Amelie had to get used to them. The reason: she didn't recognize them. There had to be a way to outsmart time and space: the idea for the app Baby Who's Who was born.

By creating this app, I hope that not only my daughter will recognize the faces, names and voices of my beloved family and friends, but also helps all other toddlers across the globe.

I hope you and your child love this app as much as Amelie does!

Joris van Meel

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Privacy statement

To use Baby Who is Who, we don’t need anything from you at all. We respect your privacy and therefore don’t secure anything. No name, no profile, no other personal information. The photos you upload into this app, don’t end up in the cloud; they remain solely on your own phone. Furthermore, you don’t need to create a profile, we can’t send you push notifications and we don’t even monitor your behavior when you are using the app. Trust us: we are good people.